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The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA) is a non-profit making trade association registered under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance in May 1955 as a company limited by guarantee.


- To be the leading organization to develop Hong Kong as a Trading hub for Exporters.

- To serve Hong Kong Exporters and add Value for HKEA Members.


- Service-Oriented

- Export Centric

- Apolitical


- To liaise with government and represent the interests of exporters on a number of important councils and committees.

- To assist members to explore new market opportunities & to keep abreast of latest market intelligence by organizing seminars, luncheons, trade missions and exhibitions.

- To disseminate information through exporters Plus, exporters Fair Edition; and to help exporters gain additional exposure via online product promotion and searching services.

- Other services include business matching, trade enquiries, rental of function room, organizing social responsible and community activities as well as initiating different projects or studies to promote the HK export trade and to enhance its competitiveness.


The HKEA works closely with local and overseas trade associations, consulates, governmental departments and training institutes, keeping our member exporters posted of the latest market development. To maximise our presence and influence in the trade, the HKEA has representatives sitting in various organisations. This representation enables HKEA to pursue a proactive role on behalf of our member exporters in the development of export trade in Hong Kong.


HKEA represents the interests of exporters on a number of important councils and committees, such as:

Concerns to Export Trade

The HKEA actively disseminates critical information concerning local and overseas promulgations on:

Textile restrictions

Toy regulations

Product standards

Environmental protection

Ocean and air freight charges

Electronic commerce

Product inspection, labeling and laboratory testing issues

Compliance issues

Contribution to Export Trade

The Association has also contributed to the founding of :
- The Hong Kong Shippers' Council

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Networking Luncheon & Seminar

- To organize seminars, workshops, training courses, luncheons and receptions to keep members abreast of latest market intelligence an dto extend their business network

Trade Missions & Delegations

- To explore new market opportunities by organizing trade missions and delegations


- To assist members to penetrate international markets especially emerging markets, through organizing and participating local and overseas exhibitions; the annual Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, among others, is recognized as the largest of its kind in the world

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HKEA - Major Projects

Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong
Partnering with Palexpo, Geneva, organizer of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, 1st Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (AEI) was first organized in 2018 to spotlight the technological innovation (artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, VR, etc), entrepreneurship, and other inventions from Asia. The 1st AEI is the first exhibition cum competition exclusively devoted to inventions from Asia. There were over 40 inventions from Hong Kong and China competing for the awards, at last 5 Gold Medals, 1 VC Choice of Award, 3 Geneva Invention Awards and the Grand Award were presented.

More Information: http://www.inventions-asia.hk/

Hong Kong Invention
Hong Kong Invention, under HKSAR Government's TSF fund scheme, to further nurture talents and foster a vibrant culture of innovation and technology via showcasing the inventions from Hong Kong enterprises and a high-level invention congress, aims to provide an international platform for the business players from the World for innovative ideas and technology sharing.

Hong Kong Smart Design Awards
Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) has already reached its 8th edition in 2019 to encourage transformation from OEM to ODM and OBM among the industry and to nurture design talents. It also endeavors to build Hong Kong as a major sourcing hub for cross-industry designs and products, and to create awareness of Hong Kong design and innovation capability to the community. With the growing success of HKSDA, the awards will extend towards the toys & games industry. In total, there are 14 product groups under category of "Gifts", "Home & Houseware" and "Toys & Games".

More Information: https://www.sdawards.org.hk/

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The Association often receives trade enquiries from overseas buyers who seek to source products/services or business partnership/agency from Hong Kong. HKEA members will be informed about these enquiries with priority. You are welcome to grab these valuable opportunities and contact the buyers directly.

*Meanwhile, members are urged to apply usual commercial caution if you are going to respond to such enquiries.

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Being one of the major trade associations in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Exporters' Association is international in its character with membership opening to individuals, corporates or organizations / societies of all races and nationalities. At present, most of them are leading export traders that contribute more than one-third of the Hong Kong's domestic and re-export trade.

The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association believes that loyal members are always the driving force of the association, therefore, it has divided its members into six categories according to their joining years as below.

Loyal Membership Award:
Joined Years Membership Category
5 to 9 Years Pearl
10 to 19 Years Jade
20 to 29 Years Sapphire
30 to 39 Years Ruby
40 to 49 Years Emerald
50 to 59 Years Diamond

The Hong Kong Exporters' Association

Rm. 924, Star House,

3 Salisbury Road,


Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2730 9851

Fax: (852) 2730 1869


Web Site: